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How would I arrange a cremation?
If you are a personal representative of the deceased, contact us as soon as possible after the death, advising him that you want a cremation. We. will ensure that all the necessary statutory requirements are fulfilled. You will have to sign some forms after you have carefully read their contents and are satisfied that they have been correctly completed.
What happens to the ashes?
You will be asked how you would like to dispose of the ashes. In some cases, the ashes would be interred in the Garden of Remembrance at the Crematorium. Alternatively,we or the family can arrange to collect the ashes for dispersal in another location, depending on the deceased’s wishes.
Is there a service at the Crematorium?
Yes, the Crematorium allow a 30 minute slot for a Service of the deceased’s requirements. This is optional and it is open to the personal representative of the deceased to make other arrangements if they so wish.
Is the coffin cremated with the body?
Yes. The regulations require that nothing must be removed from the coffin after it has been received from us. Only combustible materials are used in the manufacture of coffins for use in cremation.
How sure am I that I will receive the right ashes?
A system has been carefully devised with complete security to ensure that the ashes are always correctly placed in the appropriate urn.
Can I inter the ashes in a grave owned by my family?
Yes, this would often happen after a Cremation.
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