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Coffins and Caskets
The difference between a coffin and a casket is basically one of design. Coffins are tapered at the head and foot and are wide at the shoulders. Caskets are rectangular in shape are normally used in repatriation.
The decision to select a coffin or casket is made by the family according to their personal preference. Many people regard the coffin or casket as an important tribute to the deceased and it will be therefore selected with care.
Our Coffins and Caskets collection brings together the finest materials and attention to detail. You can view our collection online. However, if you require any help or assistance please contact Niall A. who will be pleased to provide any information that you may require.
We provide a range of coffins and caskets in Mahogany, Beech, Oak and Ash. We also provide a range of Eco-friendly coffins. All our ranges include linings, handles, crucifix and Sacred Heart badge as required. You can view a small range online or contact Niall A. who will be happy to help you with your decision.


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